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Mira \ MEE-rah \ adj. Look ; n. Watch
Vizslas \ VEE-zslas \ adj. seeks

AKC Breeder of Merit
Recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit since November 2010

Contact us via e-mail: michel@miravizslas.com or cell 715-5631459 for more information.

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The Dog & Baby Connection (DABC) provides tools to help families with young children and dogs as they face the various ages and stages of baby's first three years. You'll learn how to watch for subtle signals from your dog, the need for supervision, realistic management methods, handling the impulsive rehoming phase, facilitating appropriate interaction and much more. Developed by a mother, taught by a mother and geared towards real parents – all the material covered is designed to be relevant and easy to implement.

Dog & Baby Support Hotline: 1-877-247-3407

Dogs & Storks is for expecting and adopting families with dogs. Plan and prepare for baby's arrival – specifically with your dog(s) in mind. Learn basic dog body language, how to handle the homecoming, critical safety tips and much more. Dogs & Storks fills in the gaps left uncovered by obedience training and childbirth education classes. Whether this is your first child or fifth, make sure to get off on the right foot, decrease stress and increase harmony in your home by preparing with Dogs & Storks.

Dog & Baby Support Hotline: 1-877-247-3407

Through two International programs, Dogs & Storks® and the Dog & Baby Connection™, we support new parents with dogs nurture safe and harmonious relationships among all family members, human and canine. Life with kids and dogs can be amazing. The Dogs & Storks™ and Dog & Baby Connection™ programs are the leading international programs for expecting families and families with infants and toddlers. Baby Bird Dawgs private training offers dog and child friendly training methods taught in a way that all family members can participate. All of our programs provide valuable planning, training, safety and educational tools to help reduce stress, increase polite behavior and promote a happy, healthy, dog-friendly household. Our positive reinforcement training methods work for all members of the family.

Dog & Baby Support Hotline: 1-877-247-3407

To schedule a private training consultation or to learn more about training fees, click here


We feed and recommend foods that we use on a rotating feed schedule:

Sojo's Complete (dehydrated raw diet)
Honest Kitchen Embark (dehydrated raw diet)
Nutrisource Performance 30/20 (kibble)
Pro Plan Sport 30/20 (kibble)





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Contact Mira Vizslas, AKC Reg'd Kennel:

Ms. Michel Berner

(715) 563-1459 between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm CST


E-mail contact preferred for initial contact




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