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My Place a.k.a. "We bought for the land"

In July 2006, I relocated near Fairchild, Wisconsin. After almost 40 years in the southern portion of Wisconsin, I purchased a 30.32 acre farmette located between Black River Falls and Eau Claire. The .32 acres is across the road, adjoined to 200+ acres of DNR public hunting land. The blue line is the property line, the yellow shaded area is the horse pasture, the green line is the "roading path" for the dogs.


The house was built in 1895, and needs pretty extensive interior restoration. The previous owner replaced windows, siding, etc., but before he owned the house, it was a rental for a couple of decades. The interior shows the neglect. We were going to restore it, now I am leaning towards replacing it entirely. "We bought for the land" is the phrase I tell myself a lot. This house is a far cry to the lake houses we lived in before. There is very little space, the floors need to be replaced, and there is not a single closet to be had anywhere. We bought for the land!



This kennel building was brand new. We did remove the 2-car garage door and replaced it with a single door and service door, and cluttered it all up with dog yard fencing. There is in-floor heat, plus supplemental forced-air heat, hot and cold running water, and all dogs have "a room with a view" (acrylic dog doors) that leads outside. The dogs are very happy that we bought for the land!



The property itself needed nothing but perimeter fencing and a quail coop to be a great dog training set-up. Aside from the open field, there are 12 foot wide paths cut through the trees (white pines) that are perfect for giving the dogs a good workout. We've put in just shy of 7,000 feet of perimeter fence. Native prairie grasses and wildflowers are starting to emerge now that some of the trees have been cleared. Yep, you guessed it...we bought for the land!






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